jeudi 7 mars 2013

Since yesterday morning, everybody talks about that. Kate's daughter here, Kate's daughter there. Indeed and as you must already know, Kim Kardashian won't be the only one to paint the nursery's walls in pink, the Duchess of Cambridge will hold her hand because she also expects a baby girl ! And I think this is awesome. We just hope that the "Suri Cruise" effect won't hit, and that she will take example on her wonderful mother ! We also impatiently wait for the first name, meanwhile, I planned a new article to say the least, uncommon. On The Modeuse, fashion often takes over, as you can see. That's why I told to myself it would be original to foresee what will contain the future dressing of the royal baby. Chic, good, pretty, and sweet, let's go ! 

1 - Hat, Baby Dior
2 - Shoes, Baby Dior
3 - Skirt, Target
4 - Dress Marie Chantal
5 - Unknown Brand
6 - Dress Hootkid
7 - Teddy Bear, Scully & Scylly
8 - Waistcoat, Britt Baby

Here's a blog that I love, so much ! This can appear dreadful indeed, to create and feed into a blog talking about a family composed of 4 people, 2 young children and their parents. But we connect such a lot to these nice pics and the adorable faces of Eleanor & Samson ! I love following this blog daily, of a very cute family from Washington D.C. , do you ? 

mercredi 6 mars 2013

The blazer is a basic. Just as a white shirt or a little black dress, everybody owns one at least. During winter, we wear it under our coat, then during summer, we match it with a nice light top. It's also a stand-out piece of the mid-season, we love it with a pair of jeans or a dress.

So this is an emblematic piece, most of the time we choose it in black, but this year, I decided to change the rules, and to enjoy the fact that spring is coming to invest in a very-colored blazer ! From orange to turquoise, here's herebelow my selection. 
Enjoy ! 

1 - Moschino Cheap & Chic
2 - Salvatore Ferragamo
3 - Mango
4 - Chloé
5 - Theory

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lundi 4 mars 2013

I love fashion, okay. Reading magazines, detecting trends, talking clothes, analyzing minor details of a fashion show, I think this is up my alley, as you can see daily on my blog ! However, I also take a lot of pleasure with interior design. I love surfing the internet to search for DIYs that I could apply in my place, or to find inspiration, quite simply. 

So even if it can seem unusual, I wanted to share with you my tips for "spicing up" your own place. It's often simple to change a dull interior to a full of life one, I give you the proof today. 
Follow my tips, and enjoy ! 

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dimanche 3 mars 2013

It's sunday ! We start a new DIY to dedicate our time to something nice, given that the wonderful weather outside. This is ironical obviously, I despair because I bought an amazing tank top at Zara and I can't wear it, as well as my new pair of ethnic slippers. But no, I have to wear boots, knitwear & parkas again and again. Seriously, I don't like winter anymore.

Now that I told you everything that weighed on my heart, we can start this article ! So here's a very cool DIY, that I found on the blog Ps : I made this ! A little in the vein of "The Carrie Diaries", colored & so 80s, it's firstly the facility of conception that call out to me ! 

Let's gooo ! And don't forget to send me a pic of the result ! 

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