dimanche 3 mars 2013

It's sunday ! We start a new DIY to dedicate our time to something nice, given that the wonderful weather outside. This is ironical obviously, I despair because I bought an amazing tank top at Zara and I can't wear it, as well as my new pair of ethnic slippers. But no, I have to wear boots, knitwear & parkas again and again. Seriously, I don't like winter anymore.

Now that I told you everything that weighed on my heart, we can start this article ! So here's a very cool DIY, that I found on the blog Ps : I made this ! A little in the vein of "The Carrie Diaries", colored & so 80s, it's firstly the facility of conception that call out to me ! 

Let's gooo ! And don't forget to send me a pic of the result ! 

The french version of The Modeuse : The Modeuse French Version on be.com

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